Registration Instructions for LAtINiTY (early-bird deadline at lower cost  is due on Oct 18)

Categories A-E are for people who will attend LAtINiTY, as well as other co-located events, like the International Conference of the Chilean Society of Computer Science.

Categories F-H are for people who will only attend LAtINiTY.

Click the following link and follow the instructions

Registration cost & instructions

On the link, you will find two pages to access from the left : Inscripción and Formulario Inscripción

You need to follow the payment “Inscripción” instructions in order to fill the “Formulario Inscripción” form, because it requests proof of payment.

About the Inscripción:

You will find both the local and foreign instructions. We will explain the foreign instructions here (those are on the website, but we added some more detail here):

In order to complete an international wire transfer, you need to ask your banker or go to a bank branch (you don’t need an account to do this) and request an international transfer.

The banks have international IDs in two systems, SWIFT and IBAN. Some banks use both, some banks use one of those depending on the country. In this case, Santander Bank, where Universidad Mayor’s account is, have both IDs available. The account is identified as “Cuenta Corriente” or Checking Account.

On the right side of the table with the account information, you have the information you need to fill for the transfer (all the banks require that)

Payment Detail or Reason: JCC2015, Your Name, Your Company/Organization

Bank Address: Bandera 140, Santiago, Chile
Universidad Mayor Address: Pío X, 2422, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile Código Postal 7510041
Universidad Mayor Phone : +56 223281006

Please use SWIFT CODE BSCHCLRM and account number (Checking) 051-0108877-6

Notify to:

Transfer cost : OUR (all transfer costs are covered by the sender)

Right after you complete the payment, you can go to Formulario Inscripción link and complete the form:


(*) Mandatory field
Nombres (*) : Name
Apellidos (*): Last Name
Departamento (*): Area
Institución (*) : Organization
Dirección (*): Address
Ciudad (*): City
Comuna/Estado (*) : District/State
Código Postal: ZIP/Postal Code
País (*): Country
Teléfono : Phone number
Email (*)
Tipo de Registro (*): Type of registration (Pick LAtINiTY)
Asociar Artículo (jpg o zip): In case you are presenting an article or paper
Título Artículo: Paper article title
Evento JCC2015 donde se presenta: JCC Event (Put Latinity)
Requiero como comprobante de pago (*): I do requiere a payment document
Factura (Formal TAX document) Recibo Simple (Simple receipt)  Nada (Nothing)
[En caso de Factura] Rut: (If Factura, you need to provide a TAX ID)
Razón Social : for the payment document, you need to provide an organization name
Información de Contacto (nombre, direccion, Email) : Contact for the payment document (name, address, email)

Depósito desde (Deposit from) pick one
Fuera de Chile (en Dólares Americanos) – Outside Chile

Adjuntar comprobante de Pago (jpg o zip) (*): You need to attach the receipt you got from the bank when you sent the wire transfer.